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  • Shenzhen Jia Ronghua Technology Co., Ltd.

    Service Hotline400 992 5080

    After-sales service

    | Pre-sale service 

    1, Actively provide customers with product advice, recommended;
    2, Free to provide customers with solutions and information;
    3, The scene for the special requirements of customers to provide solutions.

    | Sales Service 

    1, Is responsible for guiding the installation and system debugging, so that it meets the specified technical requirements;
    2, Free operation management system training;
    3, Have special requirements for users to provide installation design guidance.

    | After-Sales Service 

    1, The warranty period, due to the product itself causes failure, is responsible for free maintenance;
    2, The company provides customers with software upgrade services;
    3, The company set up technical advisory services hotline, at any time to answer the customer's technical and maintenance questions;
    4, After-sales service company product users on a regular basis telephone interview, the views of all users a reasonable adoption and give a reply.