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    Centralized meter reading system (wired network)

    Centralized meter reading system (wired network)

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    AMR intelligent meter reading network system is a bus intelligent meter reading system products, which consists of table unit, link unit, loaded with intelligent meter reading system management software master computer composed of three parts. One table unit includes RS485 bus meter, direct reading meter, direct reading gas meter. The link unit includes AMR-JZ type area concentrator (referred to as "concentrator"), AMR-ZJ isolated repeater (referred to as "repeater"), AMR-CJ intelligent data acquisition . The system can greatly simplify the user's operation, to achieve real sense of staying at home, smart meter reading.


    System Structure

    Direct reading centralized meter reading management system consists of four networks, from bottom to top are the reading conversion layer (table unit), acquisition / relay layer, data center and management layer (master)

    Reading conversion layer: the various meter on the counter display value is converted to the corresponding reading, and sent to the upper equipment (collector). The main equipment of this layer is a variety of direct-reading photoelectric remote meter

    Acquisition / relay layer: First, to the subordinate direct-reading meter to provide a controlled power supply; the second is to relay the information on the communication line. The main equipment of this layer is acquisition / relay

    Dataset layer: regular reading and storage of subordinate meter data and transfer real-time operation command. The main equipment of this layer is the concentrator.

    Management: Data collected by the entire system for processing, storage, and provide query, print and other functions. The main equipment of this layer is computer, printer and so on.

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