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    Suzhou citizens are expected to spend smart water meter

    Author: Shenzhen Jia Ronghua Technology Co., Ltd.hits:6570createtime:2018-01-15 17:55:57smallmedlarge

    Smart meter reading, smart parking, smart home, smart city, smart manufacturing ... ... the past had a slow feeling, smart "black technology" technology even more praise. Yesterday, the Suzhou NB-IoT new generation of Internet of Things officially commercial and Suzhou Tianyi cloud 3.0 into operation start-up ceremony, the small 8 to witness a series of "smart +" new technology and new products.

    NB-IoT built in the cellular network, commonly known as narrow-band Internet of things, is to achieve mass connectivity, the main means of Internet of things. Last month, Suzhou NB-IoT new generation of Internet of Things construction has been completed to achieve 800MNB-IoT full coverage, with the city's NB-IoT narrowband Internet of Things access capability, which marks the completion of Suzhou, a nationwide large-scale NB-IoT A new generation of Internet of things.

    It is understood that Suzhou Telecom to create a number of things, cloud computing applications. For example, many parking lots are now using a license plate recognition system to manage the number of parking spaces and charges, but specifically to the parking spaces? NB-based networking technology, real-time monitoring of berth status, intelligent parking spaces will also become a reality. In Suzhou Telecom's IoT exhibition hall, the small 8 saw several cylinders about 10 cm high, "This is the geomagnetic detector. Buried geomagnetic installation, from light, weather, dirt effects." Staff said , Geomagnetic real-time monitoring of berth status, and push changes to remind managers to handheld terminals and platforms, "and even can be expected such a feature, the public go out through the App terminal parking spaces, parking spaces reserved." Currently in the park is Build 1000 intelligent parking spaces.

    Farewell to the era of manual meter reading, Suzhou citizens are expected to spend smart water meter. "The use of magnetic reading technology to transform the old water meter, the installation of NB-IoT module for data transmission, on the one hand without manual meter reading, and to achieve the first water after the convenience of payment mode.On the other hand, households can check the water at any time through the platform The case. "Again, the wisdom of street lighting can be on-demand, individually adjust the brightness of each street lamp.