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    The working principle of each part of the prepaid meter is what

    Author: Shenzhen Jia Ronghua Technology Co., Ltd.hits:6307createtime:2018-01-15 17:59:29smallmedlarge

    Accompanied by the development of science and technology, the development of the pre-paid meter based on the electronic meter has been very different from that of the traditional meter. Professional pre-paid electricity meters through the measurement of energy, microprocessors and other parts of the work in the function of great progress, more convenient to use, science, so how does the various parts of the prepaid meter works?
    1,The working principle of the energy metering section
    The electric energy metering part of the prepaid meter uses the energy metering module. The voltage divider is used to complete the voltage sampling. The sampling resistor completes the current sampling. The sampled voltage and current signals are converted into power signals by the multiplier, How many pulse series, among them the high-frequency electric energy pulse represents the instantaneous active power, after the light couple is isolated and exported, the light-emitting diode which is used as the check pulse and the optical couple series can be used as the electric energy to measure the indication. After sixteen frequency and drive to become low-frequency electrical energy pulse, accumulate this pulse to calculate active energy for energy measurement.

    2, The microprocessor part of the working principle
    Users pay the electricity supply department, the purchase of electricity is written into the user IC card and then passed to the power meter through the IC card interface and encrypted IC card to pass data, pre-paid meter microprocessor to provide status display and alarm operation Signal and so on.

    3, Non-volatile memory part of the working principle
    In order to be able to permanently save important data in the case of AC power loss and restore data on power up, the microprocessor of the prepaid meter expands the nonvolatile memory through the serial peripheral interface. Nonvolatile memory using serial electrically erasable and programmable read and write memory, the use of electrically erasable and programmable read and write memory online fast read and write functions for data storage.

    Through the above three points you can understand the working principle of three important parts of the prepaid meter. The appearance and popularization and application of this unique pre-paid meter not only solve a series of troublesome problems such as difficulty in meter reading, difficulty in calculating accounts and difficulty in charging, but also achieve the dual effects of control and economy.