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    Water meter manufacturers how to test the water meter?

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    Now the type of water meter is varied, but whether it is mechanical meter, smart meter, IOT meter or remote meter, are used for national legal water transfer settlement voucher. According to the relevant provisions of China's Metrology Law, the water meter belongs to the national compulsory appraisal measuring instrument. Each water meter must pass the first inspection, sampling inspection, bench inspection and third-party testing before it leaves the factory. Otherwise, it will not be used. The test of the water meter is a compulsory test, so how does the water meter manufacturer test the water meter?

    Water meter test refers to a test of a new water meter that has not been tested to determine whether the metrological performance of the new water meter complies with the relevant requirements of the national standards and industry type approval and is based on the relevant provisions of the Metrology Law It is also necessary to carry out the first inspection. National Ministry of Construction also need to verify the meter for review, there is no test of the meter, it can not be accepted. Water meter manufacturers to test the progress of progress from the water meter manufacturers to undertake the work of the quality supervision departments to submit an application and submit inspection, the first inspection pass, the certificate issued by the quality supervision department, and paste the water meter certificate.