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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Smart meter card how to use?

    Author: Shenzhen Jia Ronghua Technology Co., Ltd.hits:5817createtime:2018-01-15 16:49:13smallmedlarge

    IC card smart electronic water meter is very simple to use, when the user's amount of water dropped to a certain value, the computer module speed alarm sound, suggesting that users should pay card to buy water. If more than the amount of water, the computer module will automatically shut off the electric control valve, cut off the water supply. Until the user has inserted the IC card has been re-open the valve for water supply.

    From the user's point of view, is the IC card card plug in the water meter. IC card water meter work process is as follows: The IC card with the amount of money into the water meter kind of IC card reader, the computer module to identify and download the amount of money, the valve opens, the user can use water. When the user is using water, the water collection device starts to collect the water consumption and converts the required electronic signal into the computer module for measurement, which is displayed on the LCD display module.