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    What factors should be considered when choosing a meter

    Author: Shenzhen Jia Ronghua Technology Co., Ltd.hits:6059createtime:2018-01-15 16:52:39smallmedlarge

    Smart meter is discounted, is its value worthy of this price. Many of us do not know what kind of water meter we are right to choose from, and today we come to understand what factors should be considered when choosing a water meter.

    Water meters must be included in the building should be installed on the introduction of water meter; building a certain part or individual equipment must be included in the water pipe should be installed on the water meter; residential building should be installed household meter .

    The first thing to consider is the corresponding meter diameter, according to their own caliber to choose the diameter of the meter with the accompanying, so as to ensure the smooth installation and flow of normal flow. - Under normal circumstances, the pipe nominal diameter less than or equal to 50 mesh should be used rotor-type water meter, nominal diameter greater than 50mm should be used when the screw-wing water meter. In rotor-type dry and warm water meters, wet meters should be preferred. The following principles should be considered when determining the nominal diameter of a water meter:

    1. When the water is uniform, should be designed to flow no more than the rated flow meter to determine the nominal diameter of the water meter. When used as a living (production) or fire fighting system, the rated flow of the meter does not include the flow of firefighting fluid. The firefighting flow should be verified and the firefighting flow rate checked so that the total flow does not exceed the maximum flow rate limit of the meter.

    2. When the living (production) water is not uniform water, and its continuous peak load every day and night does not exceed 2 ~ 3h, according to the design of the second flow is not greater than the maximum flow meter to determine the nominal diameter of the water meter.

    3. Newly built residential household water clothing, the nominal diameter of the general can be 15mm, but if the residence is equipped with self-closing toilet flushing valve, in order to ensure the necessary washing intensity, the nominal diameter of the water meter should not be less than 20mm.

    Second, to consider the pressure loss of the water meter, the pressure loss of IC card water meter measuring accuracy is higher. Once again to consider the water meter range ratio, the range ratio is the main reason leading to the price of water meters, IC card water meter range than the gap, 200: 1 to 500: 1 have. The last thing to consider is the use of functional requirements of the environment, according to their actual needs to choose prepaid, remote valve control, waterproof, anti-attack and other functions.

    When purchasing IC card water meter must be based on the above factors to be evaluated, not only to look at the price and underestimate the quality of the water meter itself, in the purchase must be combined with their own actual situation to be assessed, after all, is their own is the best.