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    Prepaid management system

    Prepaid management system

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    ◆ washed with water (electricity) prepaid: the first recharge water (electricity), may be used during the remaining water (amount) gradually decreasing to zero after the water valve (meter relay) automatically shut down, the user again available water (Purchase ) Can not continue to use before.

    ◆ One-card, cold water, hot water and electricity use the same card for pre-order, with the user's card can be used in supporting all the user belongs to the water meter.

    ◆ Recharge: user meter (meter) remaining available margin is insufficient, the user card can be held to manage the center to buy water (electricity).

    ◆ power process should support the sale of electricity, make up cards, change forms, refund, meter recycling and other daily operations.

    ◆ water should support the sale of water, water meters, cards and other daily operations.

    ◆ Water and electricity warning: when the remaining water (electricity) below the set value, can take the initiative to remind users to purchase water (electricity).

    ◆ Power Security: When the user load (current) exceeds the set value, the meter cuts off power supply, and automatically restores when the load is reduced to a safe value.

    ◆ multi-end management: water and electricity sale system needs to support setting over the management side in the LAN, multiple administrators can also visit the sale of electricity and water sales and other operations.

    ◆ Water and electricity pre-sale software at the same time be able to support the collection of residential property costs management.

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